Alfa Bank’s current state

The head of the Central Bank went away from a direct response to the request to determine the attitude of the regulator to the possible purchase by the state bank of a private Alfa Bank but recalled that the Central Bank had previously supported the FAS initiative to limit the right of state banks to purchase private

The head of the Central Bank, Elvira Nabiullina, commented on the possible sale of a private Alfa-Bank to a state-owned bank. “I will comment on it this way: the Central Bank supported the FAS initiative to limit the right of state-owned banks to buy private banks,” she said in response to a question about the Central Bank’s attitude to the possibility of such a deal. According to the rules of the Central Bank does not comment on the work of existing banks.

The Central Bank supported the FAS initiative to ban state banks from buying private banks or blocking packages in them in January 2018. The proposal to introduce such a ban for banks with a state share of more than 50% of the FAS sent to the Central Bank in September 2017. The positive conclusion of the Central Bank was signed by the first deputy chairman of the Central Bank, Dmitry Tulin, told RIA Novosti deputy head of the FAS Andrei Kashevarov. FAS proposed to limit the growth of the share of state participation in the banking system so that the development of state banks did not occur due to the absorption of competitors.

The President of the Association of Banks of Russia, Georgy Luntovsky, reported that the total share of banks with state participation in the private banking market is now about 70%, and in the legal services market – 73%.