Eyesight impaired by smartphone

Doctors counted 500 pinholes in the corner of the right eye of a resident of Taiwan. “Burned” their bright mobile screen.

Irreversible damage to the eyes of the girl received, using two years phone with the maximum brightness of the screen, says the publication International Business News.

25-year-old lover of bright visual sensations by the name of Chen works as a secretary in the city of Kaohsiung. In March 2018, she felt a strong cut in her eyes. Soothing drops did not help, and the pain only intensified. After a few months, the whites of the eyes filled with blood.

An examination by an ophthalmologist showed that the visual acuity of the left eye fell to 60 percent, and that of the right eye to 30. But the worst thing was that there were 500 pinholes on the right corner. Doctors said that Chen’s eyes look like, “as if they were baked in the microwave.”

Doctors do not doubt the reasons for the illness – it is the girl’s habit of using a smartphone with full-screen brightness even in dark rooms.

Now the condition of the patient’s eyes has improved slightly due to the course of rehabilitation procedures. But doctors say that it will not be possible to fully restore vision.

Ophthalmologist professor Hun Quintin warns that a person’s vision problems may begin after only two hours of using the phone at maximum brightness.